Frederico Faggin—From Computers and Machine Learning to Exploring Consciousness

If you use a computer, a cell phone, a video game or any number of devices with a microprocessor, you owe [our] guest today a debt of gratitude. Federico Faggin is the father of all of these. "How does that transformation occur, to go from electrical signals that are generated by explanation the scientists were giving, into sensations and feelings?" With no principle in physics known, Frederico Faggin turned to consciousness. "A computer can eventually be conscious. If the computer can do it, let me try and figure out how." Soon, a personal transcendent experience revealed the light and love of which everything is made. "It would have been all an intellectual process reading books and opinions of others. [Once] you have an experience of transcendence, there is no way back, you know because you became what you knew. This is not the way to know, through reading a book. Consciousness allows to know. A certainty, same as I am certain that I exist."