Agne Kasteckiene

outreach Trainer

Since childhood I have been very interested in human nature and finding the answers to the questions, who am I and what lies beyond this physical reality.  Already then my spiritual quest led me to profound non-physical experiences and left me with a deep knowing that I am much more than my physical body. While looking for the further answers I became increasingly interested in psychology. Although I decided to pursue my MBA degree in marketing and international commerce, I took psychology courses while at university and dedicated substantial time after graduating to studying non-verbal communication, especially micro-facial expressions and body language.

After completing my MBA, I worked for several renowned international companies and managed a few local companies. In 2009 I decided to start my own business and have been successfully working in close cooperation with my business partners from Germany ever since.

I first came across Bob’s Monroe tools and Hemi-Sync® technology in 2012 while looking for ways to restore my physical and emotional balance. Regular Hemi-Sync® meditations with Gateway Experience CDs taught me to relax deeply and restore my physical wellbeing. It also re-ignited my spiritual quest once again.

While searching for methods of self-development, I learned about Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ) system, which represents the highest levels of Qigong. I went on to become a dedicated Qigong practitioner. My interest in energy work and self-development has also lead me to become a Reiki Master. Numerous intensive Qigong retreats in Europe and China (Shaolin) run by ZYQ Grand Master Xu Mingtang, provided me with opportunities to learn advanced energy work techniques and healing methods, dive into deep inner explorations, directly experience how much our human potential can be expanded and to become familiar with ancient Eastern philosophies and concepts.

In 2016 after reading Bob’s Monroe books I have resumed my practices with Gateway Experience CDs and Hemi-Sync®. As I was now experienced in meditation, I was surprised at how powerful and effective Hemi-Sync audio guidance was, how much it helped me to quickly access deep meditative states and altered states of consciousness and how many benefits and useful applications it has. After joining my first TMI residential program Gateway Voyage in 2017 and being deeply inspired by the immersive experiences there, I took a few more advanced TMI residential programs within the short space of time.  Having experienced many life changing benefits from the programs and practices, I have decided to become a TMI certified Outreach Trainer in order to introduce more people to the Monroe Institute, Monroe system, Hemi-Sync and SAM technology as an effective way of expanding our human potential and achieving greater wisdom, meaning, creativity, personal freedom and happiness in life.

I speak Lithuanian, English and Russian. If you live in the Baltic countries or near by and are looking for the tools to enhance your personal development or spiritual growth, to improve the quality of your everyday life or are just curious to try something new, join me at the upcoming TMI Exploring Consciousness workshop. During this intensive two-day consciousness exploration program you will be able to get in touch with your true nature and your Total Self, to discover a new sense of purpose and to learn how to tap into your greatest potential and apply it to all areas of life!

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