Irina Stoicescu

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I hold a degree in Physics with a specialty in Biophysics that I have later complemented with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). My path led me in the past to positions in IT in web development and business intelligence in the corporate world; presently I work in a public body in Belgium. Yoga and reiki are among my passions.

Having lived experiences that cannot be explained with just what we know, scientifically proven, I always felt that there is something more than the physical, When I read Bob’s books some 17 years ago I resonated strongly with the information he shared. I was so attracted that I took in some 3 years several programs: Gateway, Lifeline, Exploration 27, Starlines I, and Timeline.

I realised that our frame of perception in the wake state is limited and I got to know there were other states I could access, that there are other states of consciousness. I realised that the brain is an interface between the physical “here and now” and the quantum world. My conviction is that by entering altered states of consciousness we can influence and receive information from other worlds that function by other laws than Newtonian Physics as we know it in this physical universe. Bob Monroe discovered a way to do that and kept it free of any dogma or “guruship”.

I feel strongly that this possibility has to be known by as many seekers as possible, who know deep down that we, as Bob said, are more than our physical body. I wish to shoulder spreading this knowledge and help others to discover who they really are as humans and who we really are, as humanity.

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