Rayna Hollingsworth

outreach Trainer

Rayna Hollingsworth started her exploration of consciousness at a young age, influenced by vivid dreams, spontaneous Out-of-Body Experiences, and an innate intuitive insight. Driven by this inner call, she explored various spiritual paths, including the rich tapestry of her native Bulgarian spiritual heritage, along with Hermetic traditions, astrology and diverse meditation techniques.

Rayna's journey led her to the Monroe Institute in 2011, initially through the books of Robert Monroe and later on through participating in weekend workshops. The transformative experience of the Gateway Voyage residential program served as the catalyst for her sustained commitment to consciousness exploration through Monroe's advanced methods. This profound connection fortified her bond with her higher self and prompted her to become an active contributor to the UK Monroe Community online group, as well as a beta tester for the Monroe Expand app.

Adding to her multifaceted background in public services and a degree in Social Sciences, Rayna brings a well-rounded approach to guiding others in their personal journeys toward expanded awareness. Anchored in a lifestyle that values holistic well-being and interconnectedness, she is passionately committed to sharing Monroe's transformative tools for exploring consciousness.  She is a certified Monroe Outreach Trainer, facilitating Exploring Consciousness weekend workshops in the UK. Above all, she provides a nurturing, nonjudgmental space, where her empathetic presence naturally encourages open dialogue.

Rayna's unique blend of celestial and spiritual insights comes to the fore in her leadership role within a UK-based astrological group.  She views astrology as another lens through which to understand the intricate journey of the soul. Away from her various roles, Rayna finds solace and inspiration in nature, often going on hikes and foraging for wild herbs. Her holistic lifestyle is deeply rooted in a connection to the Earth and a reverence for all forms of life.

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