Rosaire Cayouette

residential Trainer

Human beings have always evoked great interest in me. Throughout my journey, I always worked directly or indirectly to health, security and, today, to the happiness of others. 

My professional career was an exciting learning of human nature. From the profession of criminal investigator, which I worked for more than ten years, I opted for the business world by opening multiple drugstores  to create a network of pharmacies in the subsequent eight years. Always animated by the physical health of the human being, I then worked for more than ten years in the pharmaceutical field. Throughout these experiences, I realized that the human being could cure himself not only by external treatments, but also by an inner intervention: by the strength of his mind.

Multiple training and learning such as Reiki allowed me to grasp certain subtleties. But my research to try to better understand the forces of the psyche took on all their meaning when I discovered the Monroe Institute. It was after having participated in a program at the Monroe Institute that I finally found a fascinating tool that allows humans to understand their potential and use it in their search for happiness.

This quest for happiness and autonomy is, in my opinion, one of the greatest challenges of man. This is why, for more than 25 years now, I have accompanied men and women of all ages, backgrounds and professions by offering them different Monroe development programs, allowing them to use this powerful tool of the strength of the mind and thus achieve the immense potential it contains.

Each being is responsible for and master of their happiness, my contribution is to help everyone reach this state of grace. Isn't that why we are here?

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