Valentina Buccella

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Valentina Buccella (Val) started wondering about her life purpose early in life. Not finding satisfying answers out there, she turned inwards and started studying and practicing various meditation techniques.  

She then became a meditation coach, developing her own methods. She was certified as Reiki Master twice, to include both Eastern and Western approaches.

Under her pen name Vivien Pelt, Val is the author of the book Shadow Work. A guide to becoming whole. With prompts, journal and meditations to help you integrate all the parts of your authentic self. She is the translator (EN-ITA) of Itzhak Bentov’s book The Wild Pendulum. On the Mechanics of Consciousness. She is also an interpreter at international Monroe’s courses in Italy.

Val had her first experience with the Monroe Institute in 2012, and became regularly active since 2019. In 2023, she became a Monroe Community Group leader, facilitating online weekly meditations.

Her passion for sound and frequency healing, alongside a female energy type of approach to self-healing are behind her studies of shamanism and therapeutic tuning forks, and inform her therapeutic approach as a holistic practitioner.

After a 10yrs corporate career in London, alternating the office job with her vocational coaching and energy therapies, she moved back to Naples (Italy). Val now leads her own practice for holistic healing where she guides people along their unique process of self-healing and consciousness awakening.

“It is my immense joy and honor to participate in the awakening of people’s consciousness, uncovering of their potentials and becoming of their true self”, says she.

She loves long walks, seaside views and the wilderness of forests. What makes her imaginary tail wiggle are friends, a good laugh, dancing, good food and soul-nurturing conversations.

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