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April 12

Hide the Silverware! Fun, Manifestation, and Creation at MC2

by Susan Smily

I spent six days at the end of March with a wonderful, fun-filled group of people examining the concepts of manifestation and creation through a series of Hemi-Sync® exercises, group healings, and mind-bending activities.

The MC Squared (MC2) program ISN’T just about bending spoons, although that is certainly a lot of fun. And it isn’t about rolling doubles in dice, or lighting bulbs with your personal energy, or affecting a random number generator.

Well, then, you ask, what is this program – Manifestation and Creation Squared – really all about?

The universe is designed so you are free to experience what you want.

All of the phenomena are merely devices to illustrate a key point: The universe is designed so you are free to experience what you want. To achieve this, we need to move through resistance into receiving, recognizing our innate oneness with everything. We ask for healing and manifesting, filling ourselves to overflowing with universal love and energy, and then sharing it with others.

Our trainers, Joe Gallenberger and Marinda Stopforth, worked with us to generate group coherence as well as support ourselves as unlimited beings of energy. And, like all programs at the Monroe Institute, this was very much about tapping into inner resources, and working with energy for the highest and best purposes for ourselves and others.

MC2 also offers a variety of experiential activities, and with a group like ours, these can become somewhat hilarious. Having been told that a previous participant had trouble saying the word “six,” instead pronouncing it “sex,” our group decided to try that at the craps table, yelling “SEX!” every time we rolled. While it didn’t actually help us get the doubles we were aiming for, we actually rolled a six on one of the die many times. We didn’t keep track of this, so we couldn’t give any statistical data, but it was definitely more than the one in six that could be expected. We also tried yelling “SEX!” at the random number generator, to see if that might have any effect. It didn’t – but we learned that two minutes can be a long time when you’re exerting that much energy.

This was my 20th TMI program. … Every single one of them is my favorite. Each of them is a movement in a magnificent symphony of consciousness, looking beyond the physical and beyond limiting beliefs.

A personal moment of amusement came while we were doing the Release and Recharge exercise, also known as Emotional Cleansing. During this process you examine fears that you have tucked away in your Energy Conversion Box, release them, honoring the memory and reclaiming fresh energy. My first fear was a spiky ball with big teeth, snapping at me, and it just wouldn’t let go! So I wrapped it in a white linen sheet, tied it up with a golden cord, and sent it to the light. As it went, I heard a rather plaintive, “What are you doing to me?”

As I reached for a second fear, I heard, “No, don’t do that to me! I don’t want to go!”

“It’s OK,” I answered. “You’ll be fine. It’s a good place.”

After that, when I looked again, they were all hiding, apologizing, “I just wanted to help you learn something. I didn’t really want to scare you.”

Then they became joy, love, and compassion. I embraced them all like a litter of kittens or puppies. Then some chose to bubble away, and some stayed to play some more.

This was my 20th TMI program. Each of them has offered me considerable insight, and each of them has been an opportunity to experience personal growth and healing with a group of like-minded, supportive, friendly people.

Every single one of them is my favorite. Each of them is a movement in a magnificent symphony of consciousness, looking beyond the physical and beyond limiting beliefs.


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Susan Smily, MA

Monroe Professional Association Coordinator and Monroe Archivist

In addition to graduating from multiple Monroe programs, Susan Smily has been an Outreach Trainer and is a long-standing member of the Professional Association. She is the volunteer Professional Association Coordinator and Monroe's volunteer archivist. Susan is a teacher and speaker with more than 40 years’ experience in the classroom and other presentation venues. She is a published author and poet, traveler and renaissance woman. Susan is committed to helping others reach their highest potential and she carries this objective into all facets of her life's work.