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October 13

Remote Viewing: More Than Just Psychic Abilities

Because of the vast amount of disinformation floating around the Cosmos, many have come to believe that being a remote viewer is simply being psychic; this is not true.

Unlike psychics, remote viewers have got to demonstrate their psychic prowess while being held blind to any information about the subject or object on which they are reporting. They are always blind to the subject matter as is anyone else within the room or in contact with them.

As someone who teaches remote viewing at The Monroe Institute, I think there is simply nothing more astounding than watching a beginning student accurately draw in detail the subject or object of interest. This event is especially true when I know that no one in the entire group, to include me, has any idea what the target might be.  As an example, one of the students in a past class, S. F., drew a large cowbell hanging on an embroidered cloth loop. The completely unknown target when revealed to all of us was—a large cowbell on an embroidered cloth loop.

Every time I witness this kind of an event, which frequently occurs in my classes, it’s just like the first time all over again. It’s simply amazing!

Learning remote viewing is really the unlearning of habits …

Can everyone be taught to remote view? Yes. Can everyone be taught to remote view equally well? No. Experience has revealed that it is equal parts desire to perceive, ability to focus, and natural talent. Remote viewing also requires an open mind where the rationalizing and calculating functions are suspended so ideas can form that are relevant to the unknown target. I go into this in much more detail in my book Remote Viewing Secrets and in my Remote Viewing programs. 

Learning remote viewing is really the unlearning of habits that get in the way of that perfect symbiosis between mind and target.

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Joe McMoneagle

Monroe Residential Trainer

Joe McMoneagle, internationally renowned as a master remote viewer and author of four books on remote viewing has 47 years of professional and scientific expertise in research and development within numerous multi-level technical intelligence collection systems and in the field of the paranormal and the social sciences. He was an R&D consultant to SRI-International and Science Applications International Corporation, Inc. where he participated in protocol design, statistical information collection, evaluations, thousands of remote viewing trials in support of both experimental research as well as active intelligence operations for what is now known as Project STARGATE. Joe now shares his expertise by facilitating the Remote Viewing Program at The Monroe Institute, which trains participants to acquire and describe information seemingly separated from the “viewer” and his or her physical senses by distance, shielding, and/or time. It is Joe’s goal to insure that when participants leave the program, they will have a much deeper understanding for what remote viewing is, and a very large percentage of those attending will walk away knowing they had remote viewed under double-blind conditions and have tools to do so in the future.