Episode 33: Part 2 with Dr. Theresa Bullard—Kaballah, Creation, and Taking The Quantum Leap

Why does the Law of Attraction often not “deliver the goods"? Is there a better map for this journey? Continuing from Part 1, Dr. Bullard brings further clarity to the high art and deep science of physical manifestation.

Foundations must be built before you add the roof to your Temple of the Self. Introspection and subconscious cleansing are a good start. Pop culture encourages self-entitlement and gratification. Learn to discern positive, balanced ego from narcissism and direct your focus into the collective higher good. We each contribute to all that happens through the quantum field. Learn to see how you think. Accept the revelation; revolutionize the life. You are part of an inherent Oneness. God is within … and beyond.

We are "grounding rods" for divine activity on earth, and sticking with a coherent plan optimizes results. A multidimensional blueprint is here. Step up, step in and activate this co-creative initiative through your life. Create and experience peace, beauty, an "edenic reality." Books can help, but wisdom must be lived for life to progress through ascension. Handle powerful teachings responsibly. We’re all in this together, we each affect the whole.

Theresa Bullard is an author, world-renown speaker, Mystery School teacher, and host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV. Studying Jung, New Thought and Alchemy synchronistically led Dr. Bullard to “Life Activation” sessions, which in turn led her to one comprehensive path taught through the New Mystery School. Here she found powerful applications for activating the inner plane and catalyzing shifts that brought pieces of her search together into an accelerated journey of empowered living.