F.R. on Conscious Presence

I volunteer at a local Children's Hospital where I do energy work on severely handicapped children, most of them are incapable of communicating. I used to say that I know I am helping these kids but get little feedback to know for sure. On the final day of the program, the theme for the exercise was Unity Consciousness. As the exercise was being briefed by the trainer, I could feel that something really big was in store for me. As I achieved a higher state of awareness, I perceived my deceased son, Jason, at my side and could feel his excitement. Jason took me to the consciousness of these children; one-by-one they showed me all the little things I do for them and radiated so much Love and Gratitude to me that I was overwhelmed. Jason was beaming and I could feel his pride and Love, which took me over the top. This was, by far, the most profound meditation experience I have ever experienced! ... Conscious Presence helped me gain a broader perspective on my current life by introducing other lifetimes where I'd learned specific skills and engendered great trust among others. All skills that have served me well in my careers as a Naval Officer, Aerospace Corporation Manager, and Entrepreneur. This helped me gain a deeper understanding of myself and my life's purpose.