Jim Charleston

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Jim Charleston

Outreach Trainer


Raised outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota I’ve lived in Dallas, Denver and now Belen, New Mexico. My first experience with other levels of consciousness came at the age of 1 when I had an NDE. A neighbor kid tipped over my high chair and I fractured my skull. It wasn’t until much later in life that I realized that experience was the focus of many night terrors as a child. Having an NDE at that age created a condition in my consciousness that allows those departed to take over my motor functions when I sleep. Because of this familiarity with the other realm, the departed recognize in me someone who can help them. As a youth I believe this is why I was a frequent sleep walker. To this day I may still awake in a physical battle prompted by one who has not transitioned completely. Fortunately I have a very understanding partner and it usually only takes a slight touch to bring me back to this physical reality.

My first experience with the Monroe Institute occurred in the early nineties after my wife died, leaving me to raise our two daughters on my own. I had been doing research with a colleague into the connections between past lives and dysfunctional behavior when one of our participants mentioned TMI. I signed up immediately for Gateway and had such a wonderful experience that I took Lifelines, Explorations 27 and TDAP. However, the demands of parenting prevented me from becoming an Outreach Trainer. It wasn’t until they had grown into young adults that I came back to take Gateway again with my youngest, Lifelines again with my partner, and complete my training to become an Outreach Trainer.

With a degree in Divinity and one in Social Work, I’ve always looked for ways to help others achieve their greatest potential. But it wasn’t until Al-Anon that I realized we really can’t change others. All we can do is show them what works for us, and they can take what they like and leave the rest. To me, Hemi-Sync and Spatial Angle Modulation (SAM) are the perfect ways to show people what life can be and to let them experience it themselves at our aspiring food forest in the Rio Grande valley.

Because of Bob Monroe’s description of life on Earth Beyond 3000 I believe it possible for us to live in a society free from violence. It is my intent to use Hemi-Sync and SAM to find the timeline that will bring that society into being. A Society where Intimacy is Safe or what I like to call SIS. So, if there are any explorers out there who would like to help me Find SIS, give me a call.

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