Joe Lattanzio

outreach Trainer

Joe is currently a residential and commercial real estate agent serving the state of Ohio. In his previous career he had spent more than 16 years as an RF (Radio Frequency) Engineer in the telecommunications industry and spent 6 years in the US Army Reserves. 

Joe has been on what he calls his journey of self-discovery for almost 2 decades exploring different tools to expand his conscious awareness. Joe’s consciousness exploration took a transformative turn when he added primordial sound meditation and now Hemi-Sync audio technology to his daily practice.

Joe was introduced to The Monroe Institute in 2013 at a presentation for an Excursion Workshop, now called Exploring Consciousness workshop.  It proved to be a very emotional 2-day experience and that led him to attend Gateway and Lifeline programs. The encounter with The Monroe Institute was nothing short of life changing for Joe. He decided to start a local chapter in Cleveland and become an Out Reach Facilitator wanting to share Hemi-Sync as a practical tool to be used in everyday life to help people overcome their self-imposed limits and express a freer and more expansive version of themselves.

Joe is an Local Chapter Leader and Outreach Trainer in Cleveland, Ohio.

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