Kamila Lewandowska

outreach Trainer

Kamila has been consciousness explorer since her teenage years, when she inherited and shared her mother’s passions and interests with the Monroe Institute, Hemi-Sync®, Out of Body Experiences, healing practices, inner growth and exploration and all non-conventional topics within spirituality.

Kamila attended her first Monroe residential program in 2020 and since then has participate in a few others until she decided to become an Outreach Trainer. Kamila has also taken part in the Beta testing program for the Expand App.

Kamila is a Recruitment Consultant and certificated Meditation Teacher and Crystal Healer. Kamila also is a Shamanic Practitioner and Card reader. Kamila grew up in an environment of certified Chiropractors, Masseurs, Dowsers and Healers, and like her family she, shares a passion for helping others.

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