Petru Visarion Stetiu

outreach Trainer

Petru is a retired University professor, PhD in Physics. He is married, has two daughters and two stepdaughters and four grand-children. He is a Prananadi healer (a Tibetan method, similar but much older than Reiki). In the past he used to practice also autogenous-training and Paul Brandon’s relaxation methods.

In his childhood and later on he had three unusual psychic experiences which persuaded him that reality is much more complex than our five senses (and/or their extensions) could perceive. This view was confirmed to him when in 2003-2004 he read Bob’s books, Journeys Out of the Body(JOOB), Far Journeys and Ultimate Journey. He understood that his psychic experiences were spontaneous OOBEs. These readings changed his entire life.  Above all, he understood the importance of Bob’s studies for humankind, and the urge to continue his work. As his first goal in this respect, he worked to have at will OOBEs using at the beginning Bob’s method described in his book JOOB, then using Hemi-Sync® audio tapes.

In 2005, Petru decided to assume a second goal, to cooperate with Andrea Berger, whom he had met via e-mail thru some common friends, in promoting to the Romanian people Bob’s achievements, the information on TMI and Hemi-Sync®. First, during the 2005 year, helped by Andrea, he loaned Bob’s books to his friends and acquaintances from Cluj-Napoca, in an attempt to gather a group of people interested in Hemi-Sync exercises. Because this didn’t work, due mainly to the language barrier, Petru decided in 2006 to translate in Romanian Bob’s book JOOB, a task accomplished, together with Irina Cupe, by the end of the spring in 2007. The JOOB’s Romanian version was published at the end of 2007, which together with several public lectures on TMI and Hemi-Sync given by him in his hometown, led on June 5, 2008, to the first session of Hemi-Sync® group exercises in Cluj-Napoca, in fact ever in Romania, the very foundation of the present TMI Cluj Chapter.

 In 2009 Andrea and Petru organized in Cluj-Napoca the first Excursion Workshop® in Romania, the Outreach Trainer being Andrea and half of participants being from Cluj TMI Chapter. Among the participants was Ritta Nicoara who become a year later the first Romanian Outreach Trainer, then Residential TMI Trainer, contributing with her sustained activity to TMI promotion in Romania. The Excursion Workshop® was a big success and as a result, in 2010 the first Gateway Voyage® was organized in Romania, under the guidance of Carol Sabick de la Herran and Andrea Berger. It was another big success which led in 2011 to the extremely successful first Lifeline® program given in Romania, the facilitator being Andrea Berger. The exercises and handouts of these three programs were translated in Romanian by Petru and Andrea and held in Romanian. These and other Off-Campus Residential and Outreach programs were and still are given in Romania by different TMI certified Residential and Outreach Trainers.

Petru’s commitment to promote in Romania Bob’s achievements, TMI® and Hemi-Sync® continues as Certified Leader of the TMI Cluj Chapter, where, over the last ten years of activity, more than 300 people learned how to access different states of their consciousness by using Hemi-Sync® and SAM® technologies. In 2018 Petru became TMI Outreach Trainer continuing to help people by facilitating Excursion Workshops® in which the participants know by direct experience how much more than their physical body are, how to use better the potential of their bodies, how to heal the problems of their physical and emotional bodies, becoming this way more free and have a better life.

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