Sky Waterpeace

outreach Trainer

Sky Pelletier Waterpeace is a mathematician and author who has a deep love of exploring consciousness.  Sky has been a lucid dreamer since the age of five, which shaped in a deep way his understanding of the many levels of conscious experience.  Sky considers himself a "true skeptic---someone who is willing to be skeptical of anything, including their own beliefs" and loves Bob Monroe's famous saying: "Don't believe a word I say... Go out and experience it yourself, because then you won't need to believe---you will know what is true for you."

Having struggled to maintain a meditation practice for decades, Sky was delighted to discover the work of the Monroe Institute, and credits Hemi-Sync for turning him almost overnight into a regular meditator. 

Sky loves Bob Monroe's missive to "get it out there," to share the work of the Monroe Institute with the world.  Sky has been running a Monroe Community Group since 2019, is a member of the Monroe Institute Outreach Leadership Council, and is especially delighted to "get it out there" as an Outreach Trainer leading the two-day Exploring Consciousness workshop.

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