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June 20

10 Tips on How to Handle Sexual Energy Related to Expanded States of Consciousness

Realize that what you are feeling and sensing is all part of getting to know yourself better. Embrace that knowledge. Use it to increase your self-awareness and help guide your personal evolution.

The experience of sexual arousal is common during the high-energy work occurring in Monroe Institute programs. TMI residential trainers well understand that and are skilled in assisting participants to acknowledge and use it to their greatest advantages.

Veteran TMI trainers Marinda Stopforth and Bob Holbrook offer the following tips on how to effectively handle sexual energy related to expanded states of consciousness:

1. Acknowledge that what you are feeling is completely natural. As energy shifts, our bodies act as antennas, resonating to the changing frequencies. Know that it is your own energy, not an outside influence.

2. Stay in the experience of that energy. If sexual thoughts and feelings are interfering with your purpose, you can channel that energy up or down through your energy centers. To move it from the sexual center, or second chakra, up into the heart center, or fourth chakra, ask, “How can I move this energy into a place of gratitude and appreciation?

Or move the energy down to the first chakra, into the legs and feet, and use physical activity, walking or running, dancing, to allow it to dissipate into the earth.

3. You may notice that suddenly someone in your TMI program or back at home begins to look really sexy and attractive. Remember, this is your projection, your response to energetic shifts. It is strongly recommended that you don’t make any life-changing decisions during the program or for a couple of months afterward. First, allow yourself to begin mediating this energy and negotiating this state of consciousness.

4. When in a group situation, be respectful of others. Remain aware that your feelings, while perfectly normal, may not be reciprocated by someone you are strongly drawn to.

5. Notice—are other sensory shifts happening as well? Has your appetite increased or decreased, Do you feel more or less hungry, are your senses heightened or softened? Are you sleeping more or less? Do you notice an increase or decrease in the level of your physical energy? That awareness can put sexual energy into perspective; it is just one manifestation of the shift.

6. Realize that what you are feeling and sensing is all part of getting to know yourself better. Embrace that knowledge. Use it to increase your self-awareness and help guide your personal evolution.

7. Sometimes sexual energy can be a reminder of past experiences, both positive and negative. If you feel fear, remember, you can’t be harmed in consciousness.

8. Your Monroe training has given you some energy power tools! Your Rebal, Energy Conversion Box, Energy Bar Tool, and healing Dolphins, to name a few. Use them to balance your energy, support your explorations, and fine-tune your experiences.

9. A friendly reminder: take a cue from the woman’s account in the Far Journeys excerpt. If your sexual arousal seems connected to a particular individual in your program group, rather than putting him or her in your Energy Conversion Box, place the thoughts and feelings you have projected onto him/her in the box. By doing so you can achieve the same results without the potential of interfering with someone else’s process.

10. Embrace and enjoy the energy!

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Leslie France

Monroe Projects Manager

Leslie’s current role with the Monroe Institute is Projects Manager. She writes and edits for TMI's social media, newsletter, website, and print publications. She contributes to event coordination and project development as needed. Leslie joined the Monroe Institute in 1986 and served in a variety of roles including Professional Division director and publications editor. She left in 1993 to work with New Visions and to launch BlueWebWeaver, offering training and support for Apple devices. In 2009 Leslie returned to Monroe.