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June 25

Freedom from Fear

Fear is the great barrier to human growth.
~ Robert A. Monroe

 Freedom! That supercharged word that means so much to so many.

Are there multiple freedoms? Only a few core freedoms? Or might all freedoms derive from one?

If you knew you were immortal and indestructible, would you then feel free?

Can our greatest liberation be freedom from fear?

Fear and freedom have been compellingly addressed by thought leaders of every generation.

Ultimately we know deeply that the other side of every fear is freedom.
~ Mary Ferguson

You can conquer almost any fear if you will only make up your mind to do so. For remember, fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind.
~ Dale Carnegie

The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.
~ Aung San Suu Kyi

He who has overcome his fears will truly be free.
~ Aristotle.

Robert A. Monroe’s astounding accounts of his out-of-body adventures spanning more than forty years, you probably remember seemingly threatening encounters and circumstances in which Bob experienced abject terror—at least during the earlier phase of his learning curve.

The fact that he was willing to reveal his vulnerability so openly in his books is cause for many of us to be deeply and forever grateful to him. His lessons became our lessons. We learned that in "Belief System Territories" (or "thought responsive environments," as OBE expert William Buhlman calls them) fears manifest instantly and feel very, very real. Bob’s trials and errors, and ultimate successes, freed others to explore with greater courage, sharper discernment, and more confidence.

Throughout his years of personal exploration, Bob learned to release many of his fears. As a result, he came to perceive reality from a "Different Overview." He developed deep friendships with other intelligences. He became a skilled traveler, navigating realms beyond anything in the "Earth Life System." He encountered the essence of his Higher Self.

If extrication from fear may be fundamental to the experience of freedom, the following passage from Bob’s final book, Ultimate Journey, illustrates the value of it in the face of a potentially extreme threat. In this scene Bob encounters an energy representing itself as a god in order to control and intimidate.

Blinding energy—I cannot move!

A voice in my head—a cold, admonitory voice …

I am the Lord thy God, whom you serve.

… A feeling of intense pressure, as if I am dissolving … now I am in water … my lungs are full of water … I must have air … get rid of the water … no, it can’t be, it isn’t so … there is no water … I have no lungs. I am being made to think that is where I am … it is an influence … I know it is not so. The pressure releases … I can feel fingers of energy probing for the core of me … I can stop this … close the receptors … close tight … I remember how ...

You do not remember! You do not remember!

But I do … I remember the tests, the training experience from my I-There … they were so real … I am ready, ready for this demanding energy … it cannot harm me. But what is this? What god can this be? It cannot harm me or affect me … be calm, warm, friendly …

Do you not accept me as your god?

… the idea of a god that threatens amuses me … I let this idea flow out …

Do you not fear me?

… I release a picture of me blowing apart again into millions of fragments, and reconstituting after every explosion …

You are damned! You are no more than wasted energy of me, who is your Lord!

… the energy fades to a tiny point and vanishes. How many more like this may I encounter?… a waste of my effort …

The transformation Bob underwent while exploring unknowns and facing fear inspired in him a powerful desire to give back somehow, to offer others the opportunities he had to relinquish fear in all its forms, and to recognize truth. He created his life-altering technologies, programs, and exercises as gifts to us.

May all of your fears become a waste of effort.

We wish you freedom!

If you haven’t yet read Journeys Out of the Body, Far Journeys, and Ultimate Journey, you are in for a riveting, poignant, and brilliantly illuminating treat!

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