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November 06

Strengthen Your Peace with 3 Powerful Energy Tools

We’re all in this together. Whatever “this” is. And while we may be doing a pretty good job of staying flexible, navigating our course as the winds change, we can all use extra help.

Here are 3 tools—proven techniques—that have been supporting people like you for decades. We use them in our core programs at the Monroe Institute, but you can also use them to great effect on your own.

These tools are designed to work with or without audio guidance.

Sit or lie in a comfortable, quiet state. Breathe gently, inhale, fully inflating your lungs, diaphragm and abdomen. Exhale, releasing all tension. When you begin to feel more relaxed and open, focus on something you would like to invite into your experience—a circumstance, a person, an object, a condition—that makes you feel good.

Hold a sense of that good-feeling thing in the front of your awareness. Let the feeling of it fill your being. This is your intention.

From within that space, activate your REBAL, then use your Energy Conversion Box.


This is an acronym for Resonant Energy Balloon and refers to your personal energy imagined as a sphere or field all around you. You will learn to manipulate this REBAL and gain greater control of your energy. It can be used to retain your vibrations, magnify your intentions, and even keep out unwanted distractions.

2. Energy Conversion Box

A symbolic object (or metaphor) we create in our imaginations that can hold any distracting thoughts or concerns that may get in the way of our focused explorations. Things that get “put into the box” may change or even dissolve as our awareness and energy shifts. Treasure chests, vaults, jewelry boxes, etc., are some examples of what we can create as an ECB. Also, your box may change over time.

3. Gateway Affirmation

With those tools firmly in place, speak the Gateway Affirmation, either out loud or quietly in your mind. Saying an affirmation helps “make firm” what we wish to experience.

The affirmation has three parts:

  1. What we are: more than our physical bodies
  2. What we desire: to explore, to know, to use greater energy
  3. Requesting assistance and guidance from greater (or equal) sources of knowledge.

“I am more than my physical body.
Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.
Therefore, I deeply desire to Expand, to Experience; to know, to Understand; to Control, to Use such greater energies and energy systems as may be beneficial and constructive to me and to those who follow me.
Also, I deeply desire the help and cooperation, the assistance, the understanding of those individuals whose wisdom, development, and experience are equal or greater than my own.
I ask their guidance and protection from any influence or any source that might provide me with less than my stated desires.”

Allow yourself to relax for a few minutes as you experience the amplified power of your positive intention. Be at peace.

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