Art, Nature & Consciousness: A conversation with Eileen Hall, Founder of Tayos


This week's guest Eileen Hall is an Ecuadorean/Scottish artist, explorer and the founder of Tayos, an organization supporting the protection of endangered habitats in Ecuador. Inspired and ignited by the work of her late father Stan Hall, Eileen's research into psychology, consciousness and wellbeing is embedded into all her work, particularly in her work as co-director of the Tayos art project which explores the role that our environments play in healing our psyches. "My art is here to give a voice to the elemental intelligences that exist in nature." Exploring the depths of her own psyche and collective consciousness, Eileen seeks to understand and embrace the primal intelligence that directs human evolution.

"Consciousness is the origin of everything... I believe every element has some sort of sentience, some sort of consciousness you can speak to, and you can form a relationship with it." Her collaboration with musician Jon Hopkins on his latest release, Music for Psychedelic Therapy incorporates healing sounds from the Tayos caves.



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