Energy Healing with Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. of Medical Qigong


In this episode of Expanding on Consciousness, host, Mark Certo, discusses energy healing with Lisa VanOstrand, Dr. Of Medical Qigong, former Dean of Advanced Studies at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Core Energetics Therapist, and Clairvision Practitioner.

Lisa shares her personal path to becoming an energy healer with a particular focus on her working with Barbara Brennan School of Healing techniques. In her presentation on how energy healing works, Lisa shares that “it's not about me healing your condition, it's about you healing your condition, this is your path. This is your journey, I'm your witness and your ally and your support, but it's really all about you”.  Along with the aspects of healing that Lisa shares an understanding of she also suggests that “we could never really, totally understand why something is happening. There is our ordinary mind that wants to plan, that wants to understand. Then there is the divine mind that is operating at a higher level that we could not possibly understand.”

Expanding beyond personal healing, Lisa elaborates on how we can heal society and larger planetary systems. “What are we doing for the ancestry, not just the past, but also for the future? And, how can we just stop and consider how we can leave the world in a better place for our ancestry.”