Eva Rider, Part 2—Sent From This Place of Oneness, We Are Always Making Choices

The Hero's Journey. The evolution of humanity not just on an individual level yet it is deeply personal. There was a time when we were in our own private Garden of Eden, our Mother's womb. "We have been sent from this place of Oneness and we are always making decisions...Consciousness means we now have choice and that's responsibility." Everything is a subjective experience of an objective reality. On one level of reality. On another level, everything is reality. "Imagination becomes reality when we bring it into manifestation." Using meditation to realign. The body and psyche are self regulating systems There is a consciousness there that will realign and naturally come back into balance. "I look at the biographical material unique to each human being and link the cosmological and dream work." Break up the ground and till it to plant new seeds of possibility.