Episode 29: Part 1—The Potential That Exists Beyond the Physical with Dr. Raymond Moody

In part 1 of our conversation with Dr. Raymond Moody, we discuss what potential exists beyond the physical, and is there such a thing as a precise moment of death—or is it more a waning of “residual biological activity in the body on the atomic level?”

After years of researching near-death experiences (NDE), Dr. Moody found common patterns existing among people who’ve experienced them. For example, an out-of-body experience (OBE) commonly occurs during an NDE. They also report feeling comforted, at peace and in a state of absolute love. They also come to realize no matter what we may be seeking—wealth, power, knowledge—the most important thing we should be cultivating in this life is how to love. Why is love such an important lesson to be learned? Our earth-based notions reflect a lack of the true understanding of the nature of love. It simply is. Love is beyond language; it's expansive, much like the universe itself.

A giant in the field of consciousness research, Dr. Moody feels “consciousness has a narrative effect to it.” What is your life story, and what is the subject of its narrative? To be continued in part 2 with Dr. Moody.