Ignacio Diaz Jr.

guest Trainer

Ignacio Diaz, Jr., BM, MM, Guest Trainer and Monroe Collaborating Artist, comes to Monroe Institute with diverse experience in consciousness exploration. He has been practicing awareness for over 45 years, utilizing modalities that include meditation, breath work, PK and remote viewing. Ignacio holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois and a Master of Music degree in Piano Performance and Piano Pedagogy from Northwestern University, in Evanston, Illinois. He has a successful career as a music educator and musician, teaching piano and composition from his home in Tumwater, Washington.

“I had my first meditative experience at age 11. In the early 90’s I learned Transcendental Meditation and maintained a very consistent meditation practice. In 1996, I started doing intense breath work and began to experience very deep states of focus and meditation. Not long after starting breath work, I was introduced to Bob Monroe’s book, Journeys Out of the Body, Hemi-Sync, and ultimately Monroe Institute. At that time, I was in fully engaged as a student of consciousness, devouring everything I could get my mind around. I listened to Monroe CDs to supplement the work I was doing in meditation and mindfulness. I chose to pause my meditation in 2009. However, I realized quickly, that something was missing. I began to explore ways that I could ease back into consciousness exploration, returned to meditative practices, and knew I would never stop again.

Gateway Experience surfaced for me in 2021. After reading and learning as much as I could about the program, I completed Gateway Experience and now practice Gateway exercises daily. Committing to learn the tools included in the experience is one of the greatest life choices I have ever made. It led me to attend Monroe residential programs in Virginia and proved to be a turning point in my life’s work. That work is to bridge music, creativity, and consciousness, for myself, and others.” 

After years of practice and preparation, and now with the support of Monroe Sound Science, Ignacio has collaborated with Monroe Institute to facilitate Creation Station, a special residential program, co-trained with Bob Holbrook, specifically for creators in music and the arts. Creation Station provides musicians, and other artists, the opportunity to explore the source of unlimited creative intelligence,  the unlimited source of creativity, through the practice of awareness techniques and meditative exercises, supported with MSS. Ignacio's original compositions can be experienced in Monroe Institute's app, Expand.

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