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Julia has been an Outreach Trainer at the Monroe Institute since 2010.  Before this, she was fascinated by the effectiveness of the audio technology and the impressive consciousness expansion that could be achieved. Having the experience first-hand, as a participant in several Monroe’s programs, she wanted to share it with people in her country especially those who don’t speak English. Her motivation to become an Outreach Trainer was, and still is, to make the Monroe’s programs accessible to everyone interested to broaden self-knowledge and explore the realms of the universe.

As a journalist, she has collaborated with major magazines ( Elle, Marie Claire.) and broadsheet newspapers and for several years she has hosted her own television and radio shows.

Since 1997 she has facilitated groups in self awareness, gives lectures and presents seminars drawing inspiration from the Greek mythology and philosophy and A Course in Miracles.

Eventually, after 2007 Julia focused mainly in self-development and consciousness expansion and became a certified  Psychology Counsellor.

In 2013, together with Maria Xifara (co-Outreach Trainer), she created Noosfera Wellness & Retreat Center to host Monroe programs as well self-awareness and psychology seminars, alternative holidays and events focused on spiritual development. Inspired by Monroe’s headquarters, each room at Noosfera Center is equipped with special audio installation that enables guests to listen to the audio exercises while lying in their bed.

Among others, Julia has also developed self-awareness workshops based on her books. She is the author of 6 books: “Mystic Odyssey,” “Eros and Psyche,” “The Valley of the Roses 4000 a.D,” “The Seventh Gate,” ,“Greeks, the gods of Egypt”, “Hercules, the Hero within”. Her book “Mystic Odyssey” is also published in English.

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