Wouter Bosman

outreach Trainer

Wouter has been an Outreach Trainer since 2018.

As a participant, Wouter has attended multiple residential programs since 2008, both in Europe and at the Institute’s Campus in Virginia.

In his teenage years, Wouter developed an interest in consciousness exploration, particularly by reading Robert Monroe’s books. The past twenty-five years Wouter has experienced for himself how Monroe Sound Science can be very beneficial for our health, self-development and for experiencing expanded states of consciousness.

As an Outreach Trainer Wouter wants to contribute by providing people with opportunities to learn more about the Monroe Institute and make it possible for them to experience Monroe Sound Science for themselves.

Wouter holds a bachelor degree in Media studies from the University of Amsterdam and has worked in the media world in the Netherlands as a producer, teacher and director. He has experience teaching both university and high school students.

Wouter is enthusiastic about all the latest developments that are taking place in the field of consciousness exploration and the positive impact this will have on the way we look at ourselves and our world. His hobbies include reading, photography, traveling and playing golf.

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