Pain Support

Length: 27 Minutes


Pain Support

How we understand pain can make a great difference in our experience of it. There are two kinds of pain: functional, which is usually acute, and habitual, but in either case, pain is best thought of as the part of your body that is asking you for help and support. This exercise is designed to help you to relax with and ease pain and discomfort through a gentle, verbally guided process.

Luigi Sciambarella

Luigi Sciambarella is a Monroe Institute trainer in the UK and a hypno-psychotherapist. Since 2010, Luigi has been teaching and giving talks on meditation, lucid dreaming and personal development around the world to thousands of people who are interested in exploring the many different facets of mind (conscious, unconscious and everything in-between). This has led Luigi to develop a deep understanding of the waking, dreaming and sleeping mind and the phenomena of lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, sleep paralysis, insomnia and the various parasomnias that can disturb a good night’s sleep.

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