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January 04

Sound for Healing is Nothing Short of Magical: Inexpensive, Non-addictive, and Easy to Use!

Many of us show up to The Monroe Institute (TMI) or find Hemi-Sync® because of a desire to experience expanded states of awareness. It's not a bad way to find out, actually! It was my path, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Taking this path led to some amazing experiences, heightened self-discovery, and personal development.

But, there is so much more ...

Dr. Brian Dailey and I go around the country (and sometimes venture out to other countries, like Italy, England, and the Bahamas) to help spread the word about practical uses of Hemi-Sync and Spatial Angle Modulation™ (SAM).

The overall mission was, and still is, to educate health care professionals as well as individuals about the benefits of using sound technology. 
~ Brian Dailey, MD, RMT and TMI Guest Trainer

Brian and I started working together in 2013 when we partnered with Dr. Sergey Sorin, MD, to help launch and develop Samvit Wellness, a holistic, integrative medical organization with a focus on complementary and alternative medical approaches.

According to Brian, “The overall mission was, and still is, to educate health care professionals as well as individuals about the benefits of using sound technology.”

Our favorite program to train is called Energy Medicine and includes energy healing (Reiki and other techniques), biofield imagining, Hemi-Sync, and SAM. When we host it at TMI, the experience, in my opinion, is nothing short of magical!

In 2017, Brian and I started Energy Medicine Squared with the intention of teaching others about the benefits of using sound technology in combination with other modalities and practices.

Brian has been using Hemi-Sync with his patients for many years and has witnessed how powerful adding sound technology to a treatment plan can be.

One example is when Brian treated a 21-year-old cancer patient, Gretchen Grimm. He reported—

Gretchen had received chemo the day before and was having a severe reaction to it. When I got there, she had been kneeling in front of the toilet for several hours, retching violently. She was weak, pale, and dehydrated. She was placed in bed, the headphones were slipped into place, and she listened to Chemotherapy Companion*, a Hemi-Sync title specifically created to alleviate reactions to chemotherapy. Forty-five minutes later, Gretchen awoke and said, “That was awesome!” She looked and felt much better. After one more brief episode of vomiting, she reporting feeling fine. She ate lunch without difficulty even though she had not eaten for twelve hours. The further good news is that she had little or no problem with chemotherapy after that.

*Chemotherapy Companion was created by Brian and Laurie Monroe (TMI Executive Director at the time) and delivered just in time to help Gretchen.

There’s more to her story. And, it does include a happy ending.

Hemi-Sync and SAM also help people in other areas, like managing pain, enhancing sleep, reducing anxiety, and providing relief from treatments or surgeries.

Neither Brian nor I understand why anyone would not use sound technology. I guess that is what makes us good messengers! We know its power and have witnessed its benefits.

More than 40 percent of Americans report not sleeping well. For someone who doesn’t have physical reasons for lack of sleep, adding Hemi-Sync to the mix is a game changer.
~ Allyn Evans, MBA, RMT, and TMI Guest Lecturer

Personally, Hemi-Sync fixed a problem I didn’t know I had. I didn’t sleep well, but just assumed it had to do with the aging process and the need to go to the bathroom more often during the night. I learned about Super Sleep, one of the sleep tracks, at TMI during a program. A variation of it is typically played during the night while we sleep to help us get to a delta state when it’s time for us to do so. When I decided to become an Outreach facilitator, I researched it a bit more and started adding it to my regular practice. I had been waking up every 2 to 3 hours during sleep. It took three months of regular use to adjust my circadian cycle. After that, I was able to sleep consistently for five hours straight. As I continued the practice over the years, my sleep patterns continued to adjust. Now, I will regularly sleep six to eight hours without becoming awake. It works! What’s even better is that after enough usage a new pattern is formed, which means you can sleep well with or without the technology.

There are so many practical uses of Hemi-Sync. People have used it who are suffering with chronic pain. It can even help with reducing anxiety while flying on an airplane!

In recent decades, we have witnessed a transformation in our understanding of how the brain works and its ability to repair and regenerate. We now know that the brain and the central nervous system (CNS) are constantly evolving and adapting, which means we can alter and re-train our neuro-pathways. Using sound containing Hemi-Sync can support brainwave states that help us heal, recover, relax, and focus. Combine Hemi-Sync and/or SAM with intention and we have access to an incredible tool—a tool that can help us achieve and accomplish even more than we could ever have imagined.

If you love watching videos, here’s a list that includes Dr. Dailey talking about the different benefits and practical uses of Hemi-Sync.

Learn to Use Healing Techniques and Technologies for Yourself and Others
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Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Hemi-Sync®. 


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Allyn Evans

Monroe Guest Trainer, Residential Trainer, Founding Local Chapter Network Chair, Professional Association Member

Allyn is a speaker, author, blogger, former university professor, former newspaper columnist and consultant. She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from Texas Tech University. An Advanced Toastmaster, Allyn offers sound technology and related workshops in the United States and internationally. She serves clients in Jackson, Mississippi, when she is not teaching.