Part 3 of Our Conversation with Tom Campbell—The Nature of Reality


What is the nature of reality and how is consciousness interacting with it? "Science is not fundamentally mathematical. Science is fundamentally logical."  Tom's "evolutionary model" is based on logic. "The MBT (My Big Toe) trilogy, I made specifically as an on ramp for left brained and logical thinkers. ...It builds on a logical process....and they [MBT trilogy] tend to be a little hard to read for the right brainers."

"The mystics and right brainers get it. ...They intuit the answer... and get to the end [of the book] and say 'well you needed all that to get there? I got there before you started.'" People who are rational, who like science and who want to have logical [MBT trilogy] will lead them to the mystical result...because that's where logic takes you."