What does it mean to experience expanded consciousness?

In this opening episode of Expanding on Consciousness, host, Mark Certo invites you to join him and his guests to explore views, understandings and explorations of consciousness. “We’re going dive into to some very deep mysteries of consciousness on this podcast, all of this we do to to encourage you, to explore your own sense of consciousness more deeply. Through these conversations, you might begin to ask some very deep questions about yourself”. Mark reflects on his passion for the subject, his decades of experience interviewing “giants in the field” including Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Charles Tart and Joe McMoneagle. Mark shares a heartfelt appreciation for his work with Bob Monroe and the Monroe Institute as a sound engineer and host of The Gateway Radio Program. Enjoy this first episode of Expanding on Consciousness, and stay tuned for upcoming, weekly conversations with Dr. Dean Radin, Dr. Helané Wahbeh, Dr. Roger Nelson, Dr. Charles Tart and other leading researchers, scientists, artists and dreamers!


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