Noel H.

Noel H. on Conscious Presence

Earlier this year my wife Caroline and I attended the Conscious Presence program at Monroe. It was our second experience at the Institute as we had attended the Gateway program several months prior. Twice, towards the end of the week while there, I came out of the Chec Unit and said to my wife that I had seen and witnessed the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. She also had similar experiences. We have been meditators for years and this, as a logical theory that is, may have helped facilitate these wonders. The CP sessions seemed to be arranged  in an ordered sequence of meditative intensity (Chec units), and learning, as the week carried on, and this was brilliantly done. The facilitators, Steve Winchester and Beth Vaughan, kept calm, cool and instructive as the unfolding of the group members took place and this was one of the most important aspects of these sessions. A facilitator can make or break any session and these trainers were, as with the Gateway program we previously took, exceptional on every level. They were with all of us every step of the way, not above us.

I cannot stress enough how wonderful and incredible the Conscious Presence program is. Every individual that is uplifted by these practices at Monroe, which is a portal to other dimensions no doubt, uplifts humanity in turn. This institute is a gift to the world.