Dominique Lussan

residential Trainer

She is the founder of Harmonic Vision, center of research and development on the States of Consciousness and Creation of Global Value, since 2001, which is the topic of her PhD ethnology research.

She has finalized in her research, keys for understanding 7 states of Consciousness and showed their connection with 7 levels of professional practices which create Global Value (economic, human, environmental, societal). So she has been experimenting for years measurement criteria on States of Consciousness associated with Creation of Global Value.

From this research she creates a label called “Conscience et Action”, and the “Free University Conscience et Action”. The objective is to create “Conscience et Action” companies in every activity which are able to regenerate the eco- system. Actually, people can learn 7 professional trainings. In 2009, the experimental center “La grande terre” on a 15 hectares land, on the edge of a river in the Cevennes have been bought; today a lot of activities are developed. It is a reference for the “C and A” label. She creates a non-governmental organization (ngo) called Conscience et Action for creation of global value, in connection with her research. The NGO works in 3 lines of development: education from childhood to the third age, creation of pilots centers called Conscience et Action to regenerate the ecosystem, creation of the charter of basic rights and obligation for kingdoms and elements.

Her researches led her to create an educational method called Cesia (consciousness, exploration, stabilization, integration, action), with 7 techniques to explore consciousness, from which she sets up numerous seminars on the theme of her research,  Consciousness Exploration and Creation of Global Value.

The meeting with the Monroe Institute® was very important to contribute to the researches. In 1999 she discovered the Monroe Institute with Gateway Voyage®, the richness of the exploration of consciousness with Hemi-Sync®.  She has been since 2001, an  Off-Campus Residential Trainer in French in France, currently she conducts various graduate programs: Gateway Voyage, LifeLine, Exploration 27®. Moreover, she is a professional member of The Monroe Institute.

After a university training, she obtained a postgraduate research degree in organic chemistry, a postgraduate diploma in business administration, then she has been working for 12 years in management and human resources consulting and strategy for a international industrial company. During this time she came back to study at the university and she got a master's degree in psychology and a postgraduate research degree in ethnology, she prepare an ethnology PHD.

In parallel, she has been for 6 years vice-president of a non-profit organization accredited by the United Nations organization.  She has become a Hatha Yoga teacher (that she has been practicing since she was 11), a kundalini yoga teacher, a naturopath, then she has followed various training courses on vibration medicine.

Her multidisciplinary training in university, her researches and experimentation on exploration of consciousness make her today one of the specialists which make a link between exploration consciousness techniques and creation of global value in professional activities.

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