Irene Blanck


I started my "exploration" after nursing my husband through a terminal illness. I realised then that there was more to me than this physical body and started reading as much as I could. This eventually led me to The Monroe Institute®. I have since done Gateway Voyage®, Guidelines®, Lifeline, Exploration Essence, Heartline and MC2. My life changed so dramatically after attending The Monroe Institute and I wanted to share what I had learned. I decided to train as a trainer and am now an accredited Outreach Trainer. This enables me to conduct weekend Excursion Workshops where participants can explore Focus 10 and 12. I hold workshops anywhere in Australia.

I am also a hospice volunteer and have been greatly helped in this work by my experiences nursing my husband and by attending Lifeline at TMI. As well, I volunteer at a local hospital where I offer reiki to dialysis patients.

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