Marilena Ionescu

outreach Trainer

I've lived in Bucharest, Romania all my life.  Spirituality has been of great interest to me since a very young age. I have always felt that something is missing, so I started on my spiritual path quite early. Over the years, I explored Qigong, Reiki and Buddhism, and I traveled to Nepal, where I meditated and had some fascinating experiences in a Nepalese monastery.

This long and winding road eventually led me to TMI and its Hemi-Sync® technology, which was the highlight of my spiritual quest, since it allowed me to effortlessly reach states of consciousness that before took much longer time to achieve, if at all. Since my first encounter with TMI and Hemi-Sync during an Excursion workshop in 2010, I felt I had found my true path, and ever since I have attended all TMI programs held so far in Romania.

Working as a legal assistant in a real estate company gave me the chance to interact with a lot of people and observe all kinds of human behaviour. As a "people person," I have also studied Communication and Public Relations.

I am deeply grateful for my own spiritual awakening and transformation and as such, I am enthusiastic and determined to spread the word about TMI to many more people in Romania.

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