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April 05

Hemi-Sync® Experiences - The Timeline Program

The Timeline program was my fourth TMI course and possibly my favorite thus far. I was not convinced that I would be able to visit prior lifetimes before the class started, but found that the exercises allowed me to view and experience both previous lifetimes and future events fairly easily. For me, the biggest benefit to the Timelines course was the fact that the re-experiencing of previous lifetimes allowed me to trace a current-life problem back to its very routes to see where it all started, and to also potentially change the negative pattern right where it began lifetimes ago. Really, this class was exceptional at providing a forum for examining the current state of one's life and present relationships and then tracing that back and forward through time. I left the class having much more clarity on what was going on in my life now (and why). And, I have to admit, getting so much clarity and wisdom on my current life circumstances was not what I expected from a class about past lives, but that is exactly what happened. In short, this TMI class was incredibly healing and profound. My life has been forever changed, for the better, for having taken Timelines.

      My life has been forever changed, for the better,
      for having taken Timeline.

My L.I.F.E. Biofeedback session with Tip and Ellen was similarly profound. For example, as I was walking over to start my session, I remember thinking about the life issue I thought I needed to work on most. Upon arrival, I was shocked to find that the L.I.F.E. system had identified that exact SAME issue without knowing anything about me other than my name and age. Stunning. And I experienced the past life that the System had identified for me quickly and deeply (with much attendant healing). I also discovered, as did several of my classmates, that the issues uncovered by the L.I.F.E. system-- often unexpectedly-- wove in and out of (and thoroughly connected with) the other exercises I did in class, thereby reinforcing my overall healing further. What a gift!

I would recommend this class to any human being who wants to truly explore more about themselves or any of the recurring patterns in their life. It is exceptionally deep and healing on so many levels.

Timeline Participant - Stephanie A.

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