Davis, John S. | The Lifetimes of a Journey


Davis, John S. | The Lifetimes of a Journey

"My experience with unconditional love has included finding it, losing it, grieving over it, searching again for it, and ultimately discovering that I've had it within me all the time. I believe that each of us has it in us all the time ... although it just may be out of sight."

Through a series of personal reflections and short stories, author John Davis will lead you on an expedition toward an intentionally bold pursuit of presence, deeper compassion, and the ultimate acceptance and awareness of unconditional love, both for yourself and for others.

This book will meet you where you are in your own journey of dealing with loss, grief, or self-acceptance. The author knows what it's like to have loved, to have lost, and how it can seem there is no way forward. Join him on a journey to turn ordinary life into a life in which unconditional love takes the lead. And discover that, although a fully conscious and present life may seem to be out of sight, it is within reach.

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