Introduction to Beyond Meditation

This online course offers a 2-week introduction to Monroe's Gateway process and is open to both experienced and novice meditators.

Experience a profound exploration of human consciousness. Based on Robert A. Monroe’s groundbreaking Gateway Voyage, this program will guide you through the experience of expanded states of consciousness. You will be introduced to Hemi-Sync® and to the first powerful two Focus Levels. 

Experience a new and deeper level of relaxation. Participate in exercises that take you into a state of deep relaxation we call Focus 10 — “body asleep, mind awake”. Using verbally guided audio supported exercises you will quickly and effortlessly experience a deep meditative state normally only attained after many years of meditative practice.

Connect with a profound inner wisdom and deeper understanding. Experience Focus 12, "the state of expanded awareness," where you may ask for guidance and messages. You will practice removing all physical distractions so, you are better able to perceive in “the state of expanded awareness”. Receive and understand five important messages awaiting you in the far reaches of your awareness.

Learn powerful tools to investigate, explore, and access guidance. These and other techniques you will receive—if you continue your exploration beyond this two-week course—are the core of Bob Monroe’s unique approach to consciousness development. Once experienced and practiced, there is no limit to how far and how deep you can go or to the benefits you may receive.

For more than 45 years people have been attending Monroe’s residential programs using Monroe Sound Science and learning specially-designed techniques to expand beyond the limits of their physical existence.

How it works

  1. Introduction to Beyond Meditation is a two-week online self-paced course.
  2. There are four teaching sessions. Each session provides instruction presented in the form of streaming video and meditation exercises, with an average running time of about one hour each session.
  3. It is recommended that you have a minimum Internet speed of 8 Mbps for streaming the meditation exercises.
  4. Because this is a self-paced online course, you don't need to be online at any particular time or day to access the course materials.
  5. You will have access to the course materials indefinitely through your Monroe account.
  6. Our courses are experiential, so the more you engage in regular practice offline, using the audio exercises provided, the more you can accelerate your progress.



    The audio exercises used in this program are the original binaural beat hemispheric synchronization exercises developed by Robert A. Monroe. They were designed to facilitate specific expanded states of conscious relevant to this program and are owned by the Monroe Institute. These exercises are not available for commercial resale.

    Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample. Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's neural entrainment technology.

    Learn more about the history of Monroe's neural entrainment technology >

    What You Get

    In addition to the program materials and audio exercises, you will receive the following benefits.

    • Apply Registration Fee

      Apply a portion of your registration fee towards a residential (Virginia only) or Virtual Gateway Voyage. Restrictions apply*

    • Learn Valuable Tools

      Explore, navigate and use the non-physical aspects of your own higher consciousness.

    • Awaken Your Consciousness

      Gain a more compassionate understanding towards people and life

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    Introduction to Beyond Meditation

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    Introduction to Beyond Meditation

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