Remote Viewing II

Refine the skills you acquired in Monroe’s foundational Remote Viewing program and gain new more advanced skills

Reinforce your remote viewing skills and take them to the next level. Refine the skills you acquired in Monroe’s foundational Remote Viewing program and gain new ones. Learn and practice advanced Remote Viewing techniques. Enjoy the opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading remote viewers—Joe McMoneagle.

The approach you choose to access a particular outcome is very important. It can either support or inhibit your efforts to remote view. Learn the science of target selection along with additional tools and techniques to improve your understanding of RV and establish a reliable home training routine. Practice in-depth Gestalt methodology and learn the specific criteria necessary for acquiring and constructing meaningful perceptions about a target. 

Learn to perceive “residual information” of an object or person. Through psychometry, a deeper sensing of the unknown, you can discover facts about events and people by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Information can be acquired about the contents hidden inside a container by placing your hands only on the container. For instance, you may sense impressions from a pen left on a table. “Energy residue” associated with objects can tell revealing stories. 

Refine your remote viewing perceptions. Determine aspects of a target, such as its purpose, use, and category. Is it religious, scientific, or industrial? Describe conceptual aspects of the target, discerning what is possible vs. probable.

Access Information from Multiple Sources using advanced investigative techniques. Work on randomly selecting targets and receive direct feedback and guidance.

Improve right-brain visual sensing and depiction. Practice meditative drawing techniques and representation methodologies. Report with much greater detail and accuracy.  Use dowsing techniques, such as pendulums, charts, maps, and rods to describe and locate objects, or to garner a greater understanding of the target of interest.

Learn techniques to locate complex "time/space" targets. Perceive in 3-D, study the physical and nonphysical connections in time and space and use these relationships to access and combine informational sources about a target.

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The audio exercises used in this program are the original binaural beat hemispheric synchronization exercises developed by Robert A. Monroe. They were designed to facilitate specific expanded states of conscious relevant to this program and are owned by the Monroe Institute. These exercises are not available for commercial resale.

Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample. Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's neural entrainment technology.

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Remote Viewing II

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Remote Viewing II

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