You, Beyond Your Story


You, Beyond Your Story

This continuation of Suzanne Giesemann’s “Tools for Awakening” series helps you connect with your natural, deeper state of pure being.

Asking “Who am I beyond my story?” initiates a process known as self-inquiry. Doing so can invoke a sense of excitement and opens the mind to a greater reality filled with possibilities. It allows a deeply rooted knowing within you to arise. When you shift your principal identity from the narrow mind of you with a story to your true nature, you experience a state of wholeness.

By experiencing the contrast between identifying with your story, and the story-less spaciousness that is your true nature, you come to realize you are not “other” than your story, but far more—allowing you to awaken to the world of wonder and possibility that is your birthright.

Features two tracks; Track 1 is the gift of remembrance dictated directly from Spirit to help you dissolve patterns of thought that may be holding you in a contracted state. Track 2 is a free-flow experience with a brief introduction, allowing you to bask in your true essence. Transformational healing music by Jim Oliver and Hemi-Sync® frequencies create an expanded state of consciousness to assist you in resting in this space of pure beingness. Each track is 24 minutes in length. Guidance manual included.

Music custom composed by Jim Oliver is infused with Harmonies of Light, Jim’s one of a kind system that mathematically and harmonically coordinates the colors to the musical notes he plays on the keyboards.

Engineered and mastered by Kevin Cowan.


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