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April 21

Energy Conversion, Duality and Unity

As we embrace the post COVID-19 “normal,” we are presented with some weighty issues.

People want to get back to “normal.” They are tired of the isolation and are reluctant to embrace the “new normal.” Yet, the new normal will be with us for some time … and it will permanently change how we relate to each other.

I’ve come to realize that what we are experiencing in the physical is a metaphor for what we have discovered in the nonphysical. Here are a few examples.

The Monroe Active Meditation™ techniques take us into deep states of awareness. We have tools, highly effective tools, that help us return to our core essence while in deep states. 

Energy Conversion Box

One of my personal favorites is the Energy Conversion Box. Everything that distracts us from experiencing our essence goes into the box. Lately, I’ve been filling the box with all the societal rules that belong to the old normal. They no longer apply and hold us back from making the transition needed to thrive in the new normal.

The Energy Conversion Box is really good at converting unwanted worries, fears, stresses, aches, pains, relationships, etc., from heaviness into lightness. Feeling Lighter, our free Active Mediation™ this week on Facebook and YouTube, guides you through a short, renewing meditation using the Energy Conversion Box.  

We are redefining how we organize ourselves as a society. That is a rare occurrence.

Social Cohesion

As we embrace the post COVID-19 “normal,” we are presented with some weighty issues. What does it mean to be in community? How do we create what social scientists call “social cohesion?” One way is to look beyond the physical. For example, my wife and I have started doing wine dates with family and friends from across town to across the world, just to catch up. These virtual visits are often more frequent and intimate than our live visits. All over the world we’re opening up to new possibilities about the meaning of community.

If you have not already seen it, I strongly recommend reading John Kortum’s     insightful article on maintaining intimacy while being physically isolated:  Immunity and Intimacy—Empowering Health During COVID-19.

We are redefining how we organize ourselves as a society. That is a rare occurrence. In the U.S., the American revolution marks our initial reorganization—when we created a country based on a philosophy rather than power. Now, we’re being forced to look at current power structures in a new light.

Unity or duality. That’s the choice we are seeing now.

For me, COVID-19 has shed light on the concept of national boundaries. The virus doesn’t care whether we’re in China or the US, Iran or Italy. It plays no favorites. COVID-19 reminds us that we are one human family that has chosen to organize itself under different political systems. National distinctions are becoming glaringly less relevant in the age of the pandemic.

Duality and Unity

Bob Monroe talked about how we are more than our physical bodies. When we spend time in deep focused states, we are the drop and the ocean. According to near-death studies, when we cross from physical to nonphysical, the rules change dramatically. We move from the physical world of duality, which is ruled by the words “either/or.” And we enter the nonphysical world of unity, which is ruled by the words “both/and.” In that world, we have our individuality and we are part of the collective.

That’s not the whole story. The secret from NDE research is that, even in the physical world, we can choose which set of rules to operate under at any time. Unity or duality. That’s the choice we are seeing now. Metaphorically, we are being shown we have choice. To survive as a species, it is imperative we be in communion, to act as if we are one human family. Technology is supporting that choice.

These unity moments show us the great truths

Our physical world is paralleling the world of unity. We are always together energetically. We have a clear choice, right now, to put our old rules, the rules of duality, into the Energy Conversion Box.

The metaphor of the internet is what we experience when we meet online. We are bilocating. We can be drinking wine in our living rooms and sharing that experience with our families and friends in their living rooms. The internet provides us with physical representations of nonphysical reality—all those lovely faces we see during our video conferences.

We can use our technologies, our tools, to cross the veil—tools including out-of-body, near-death, lucid dreaming, and remote viewing  experiences. Separateness is an illusion. This time of isolation with internet togetherness is showing us a new way of being that has always been with us.

These unity moments show us the great truths. 

See you in the collective! Bring wine.

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Scott Taylor

Gateway Graduate

Scott attended Gateway Voyage® in 1983, became an Outreach Trainer in 1985, and Residential Trainer in 1998. Scott earned business degrees from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern University in Illinois. He earned a Minister of Spiritual Counseling degree from the New Seminary, New York City, and a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, where he studied and wrote about the insights gained from persons who have had near-death experiences.