What is the best approach to listen to Monroe Sound Science meditation exercises?

Phone, desktop or laptop computer, either one will work fine. Same for either streaming or CD format.

Most importantly over-ear wired stereo headphones are optimal. Audio Technica M30X is the brand we use at Monroe’s Virginia campus but any good quality headphones or earbuds will work. 

Bluetooth and noise-canceling features will not interfere with our sound technology. Volume control capability is a good feature for making adjustments during an exercise. 

Can someone with hearing impairment benefit from the audio technology?

Some physicians and individuals with impaired hearing have reported that the frequencies are effectively carried to the brain by the bones in the ear canal.

Can I bring my spouse/family?

No, we do not allow anyone to stay on campus that is not participating in the program.

Can I bring my pets with me?

We do not allow pets due to people's allergies or fears.

Are weather, moon phase, and lying north-south important in achieving the out-of-body experience?

We have no hard data to support the premise that any of these have a significant effect on the out-of-body experience.

Do certain foods or smoking aid or inhibit out-of-body experiences?

There is no direct correlation either way, based solely upon those laboratory subjects and program participants active with the Monroe Institute. We are not aware of any reliable in-depth studies on the matter.

Is it easier to go to a place or person while out-of-body?

Usually it is easier to go to a person, especially to someone who is close to you emotionally. But the out-of-body practitioner soon loses interest in the "local" environment and is attracted elsewhere.

Is the out-of-body experience similar to the near-death experience?

It is very similar. If you make allowances for the cultural connotation of near-death and the uncontrolled action-reaction due to the high stress of the moment, they appear to be one and the same.

Does alcohol help to bring on an out-of-body experience?

Alcohol is a depressant and tends to inhibit conscious out-of-body experiences — or at least the memory of having one.

Do drugs help induce an out-of-body experience?

There is some data to indicate that hallucinogens may be producing an uncontrolled out-of-body experience, but the drug experience has not been studied in depth as to this possibility.

Can an out-of-body experience be induced by hypnosis?

There are reports of this, and it may be possible. We have no direct experience with hypnosis.

Are there animals in the out-of-body state?

Yes, Bob Monroe encountered three cats sitting relaxed and observant. Greeting them, He found they were his favorite household cats who had died physically during the previous three years.

If you dream about flying, is this an out-of-body experience?

In many cases the flying dream, with or without an airplane, can be a rationalization of an out-of-body experience which is unacceptable to the belief system of the conscious mind of the dreamer. Also, a dream about falling often becomes a re-entry into the physical world. 

Can anyone go out of body?

After specific psychological and philosophical preparation, we believe that anyone can indeed consciously move into the out-of-body state. All it takes is the desire to do it and practice. Studies show that 25% of our adult population remembers having at least one spontaneous out-of-body experience.