Outreach Trainer Program

We will be accepting applications for the next Outreach Trainer Program in July 2024.  If you are interested in serving as an Outreach Trainer and would like an application form, please email the Outreach Coordinator at outreach@monroeinstitute.org to receive an application form at that time. 

If you do not meet all of the essential qualifications please wait to apply until the opportunity.. Until then you may want to consider becoming involved in the Monroe Community Groups (formerly called Local Chapter Network) which will provide excellent experience in preparation for becoming an Outreach Trainer.

Being an Outreach Trainer requires a considerable commitment of time and energy, but the opportunities for personal and professional development—while being of service to others and making a positive difference in the world—are numerous and rewarding.

Trained and certified by Monroe, Outreach Trainers play an important role in furthering our mission by providing educational services to the public, increasing public awareness of the Monroe Institute, and stimulating interest in our residential, virtual, and online programs. Throughout the world, Outreach Trainers introduce diverse groups of people through workshops and presentations to the Monroe Institute, our programs, and audio technologies. 

The comprehensive Outreach Trainer Program consists of three sequential phases: (1) an intensive home study phase with reading, writing, and other assignments, (2) a 5-day/6-night residential training, and (3) a mentoring period during which the trainee gives two or more presentations and conducts the initial workshop. The training program, which culminates with certification as an Outreach Trainer, is designed to be completed within ten months.

If you are interested in becoming an Outreach Trainer, please request the Disclosure Information from the Outreach Coordinator. It will give you detailed information about the training program, the time and costs involved, and setting up your business as an Outreach Trainer. 

You must have all of the essential qualifications to apply for the Outreach Trainer Program. Strong candidates will also have some or all of the preferred qualifications. 

Essential Qualifications                                                                            

    • A graduate of the residential Gateway Voyage program and at least one of the following programs (residential or virtual): Guidelines, Heartline, Lifeline, Timeline, MC Squared. The most recent program must have been within four years of the application date. International applicants may meet this same requirement by completing qualified international programs 
    • Be committed to the Monroe Institute’s mission and be passionate about introducing others through Outreach activities to the Monroe Institute, its programs and audio technologies, self-empowering consciousness tools, and Robert Monroe's philosophy and legacy
    • Be able to commit to (a) serve as an Outreach Trainer for a minimum of three years, (b) conduct three or more workshops each year, and (c) give three or more presentations each year on topics related to Monroe, its programs and services, and human consciousness      
    • Be able to commit to full and ongoing participation in the intensive Outreach Trainer Program including submitting Phase 1 assignments by multiple deadlines over 6 months, and attending the intensive 5-day, 6-night residential Phase 2. Two presentations and the mentored workshop must be given within 4 months of Phase 2 completion. Extensions of deadlines are not possible.  
    • Ability to prepare and give informative and motivational public presentations
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
    • Oral and written English language proficiency (all Outreach Trainer training is conducted in English)
    • High level of oral and written proficiency in the language(s) in which outreach activities will be conducted
    • Ability to work effectively both independently and as a team member
    • Commitment to read Outreach communications and materials carefully, to follow guidelines, and to respond by stated deadlines
    • Adherence to the Outreach Trainer Agreement and Code of Ethics
    • Commitment to ongoing personal development      
    • Have read or reread Robert Monroe's three books within the past two years
    • A general comfort level with computers and the internet, along with reliable internet access plus:
      • Use a word processor program to create documents with headings, bullets, etc.
      • View and create PowerPoint presentations
      • Use email, including attaching and downloading files
      • Find information on the internet using an internet search engine (Google, Bing, etc.);
      • Download and install software on your computer
      • Read, save, and print PDF documents

    Preferred Qualifications

      1. Experience in teaching and/or training adults
      2. Knowledge and experience in group dynamics
      3. Experience in publicizing/marketing events
      4. Familiarity with diverse systems/approaches related to consciousness/ nonphysical/energy
      5. Experience as a Monroe Community Group Leader or interest in becoming one
      6. Taken the physical, in-person Excursion or Exploring Consciousness workshop
      7. Taken more than the minimum number of required Monroe graduate programs
      8. High level of energy and enthusiasm

      If you have all of the essential qualifications and wish to request the Disclosure Information and application, please contact our Outreach Coordinator at outreach@monroeinstitute.org.