Alethea Jacob

outreach Trainer

Alethea Jacob Burnsworth is a Spiritual Life Coach, Author, Metaphysical Teacher, Monroe Institute Accredited Outreach Trainer and Society of NLP Certified Trainer, Reiki Master and Holistic Professional.  She began her practice in 1986 and for the last 33 years has been teaching, and working with clients throughout the NY, CT, CA and WI areas as well as various countries around the world. 

Alethea has a BS in Computer Science, a BA in Chemistry and 18 years of corporate experience working for a Fortune 500 company.  Most of her corporate career was spent working with clients as a business transformation consultant and a professional meeting facilitator.  

Alethea has international experience, studying, teaching and working in Europe, Canada and South America.  Alethea believes the road to wellness is a path with many branches, and the key to restoring balance and harmony is addressing the needs of the entire person - body, mind and spirit.

Alethea is available to conduct Excursion Workshops, Advanced Weekend Workshops, and customized programs for you and your groups around the country.  

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