Carol Joyce

residential Trainer

Carol Joyce is a Monroe Institute Residential, Online and Outreach Trainer since 2013, a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), coach, certified hypnotherapist, lecturer, and a contributor to blogs and magazines. She is author of "How To Meditate Like a Zen Master in Minutes" (audio/paperback on Amazon) and her oft-cited study, published in The Journal of Music Therapy (2004) "Mozart versus New Age Music Effects on Relaxation States, C.A. Joyce MA.

In the mid 90’s, Carol began having mystical experiences that completely changed the way she viewed the world. Reflecting back, since childhood, Carol possessed a keen interest in the paranormal. At age 8, she chose the topic of hypnosis for a school essay, after having read “The Search For Bridey Murphy”, an account of past-life regression under hypnosis. She now realizes her interests and experiences were a unique invitation to pursue the exploration of consciousness. Seeking to make sense of it all, in 2000, she found her way to the Monroe Institute.

She graduated from DePaul University (BS, Commerce/Marketing), Roosevelt University (MA, Clinical Professional Psychology), Wellness Institute (heart-centered hypnotherapy), and The Coaches Training Institute. Carol is also a classically trained stage actor, training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Her acting credits include: TV/TV commercials, stage, and was an original cast member for many years in Chicago’s Organic Theater’s stage-play production of ER/Emergency Room, which later became a hit TV series.

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