Luca Dramisino

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Luca Dramisino was born in 1994 in central Italy, in Avezzano. He lived in Pescara and Rome until the age of 20. He likes to describe himself as "just an ordinary guy who has the honor of experiencing extraordinary moments." Possessing a strong sensitivity, he has always "seen reality beyond the veil." However, growing up in an ordinary family, he considered this sensitivity a flaw until, at the age of 18, he experienced a profound awakening of consciousness.

Approaching meditation, Luca began to connect with his inner guides. This marked the beginning of his true journey. He started having mystical experiences that ultimately led to a contact experience that both fascinated and frightened him. This encounter prompted him to divert his attention to work and worldly matters. With an entrepreneurial inclination, he enhanced his English skills in London and then established a food and beverage business in Malta.

At the age of 25, despite having achieved all the professional and personal goals he had set, Luca realized a sense of disconnection and unhappiness. Consequently, he left Malta and returned home to reopen the doors to the universe. Encountering extra-dimensional contact experiences that both intrigued and scared him, Luca became obsessed with understanding these occurrences. This led him to delve into the realm of human consciousness, where he stumbled upon the Monroe Institute. Here, he found a safe haven to delve into consciousness, receiving healing, awareness, and the courage to release his fear of the dimensions that attracted him. Benefiting immensely, Luca decided to become a trainer and embraced his mission, which aligns with that of the Monroe Institute.

And you? Are you ready to embark on your journey?

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