Remote Viewer 001, Stargate Project: An Archived Conversation with Joseph McMoneagle (originally recorded in 1993)

Joseph McMoneagle, Remote Viewer 001 in the Army’s Stargate Project, recounts his distinguished military career. Referred to as Anomalous Cognition, Remote Viewing proved to be a viable espionage tactic during the Iranian hostage crisis. “Just about every agency in America that had an intelligence agency wound up giving us targets.”

How is Remote Viewing different than premonition or bilocation? “Remote Viewing is a specific protocol designed in the early 70’s at Stanford Research Institute International, and is defined as the ability to perceive a person, place, event, or thing that is remote, to which they have access via psychic functioning under strict scientific protocol.” So what is behind the ability to remote view a target or not? “All research implies it is the [level of] intention for the target.”

Accessed through deep meditative states, fragments of input are analyzed. Too much analysis forces people to make leaps of logic that in all probability are going to be wrong. Too little analysis means the Remote Viewer will not be able to make sense out of the information they’re receiving. High energy targets and breaching the concepts of linear time, Joe has remote viewed past, present, and future events.

Interested in learning to remote view? Be prepared for some pretty dramatic changes in your belief systems!