Barbara Jones

outreach Trainer

Barbara was British born and a resident of Cyprus, situated in the Eastern Mediterranean, since 1994. She holds an MA Ed in Inclusive Education/Special Needs, and has been enthusiastically engaged  in the study and research of human potential for many years. She has worked with the HeartMath Institute since 1993 and is a HeartMath Interventions Practitioner deeply engaging with the heart /brain connection to help her many clients.

Driven by a series of Near Death Experiences (NDE) and the life changing shifts these evoked, Barbara’s physical recovery from the NDE related accidents, led to her training as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Sound Therapist working with VoiceBio, Crystal Singing Bowls and Hemi-Sync. In order to support her desire to reach deeper and explore further, Barbara was drawn to the Monroe Institute in September 2001. During this time of great change, Barbara has  found the Monroe Institute Programs have supported and enabled the personal expansion she is seeking in order to guide others in their personal growth.  Barbara has been an Excursion Outreach Trainer since 2010.

Barbara has presented at international conferences and has run a variety of trainings in the Cyprus, Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia and the UK.   She links the use of Hemi-Sync to everyday activities such as speaking and listening, learning, overcoming pain and trauma and personal growth.  Barbara gives regular talks and presentations and is always eager to work with educational faculties and institutions.

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