Ivan Nicoara

outreach Trainer

Ivan was born in Satu Mare, Romania in 1985, and he grew up in an enlightened family, where he had met spirituality at a young age and as a result, in his teens, he completed Jose Silva's mind control workshop. In 2004 he moved to Budapest to continue his studies. He started his professional career at a game developer company, and now he works as a project manager. He likes to travel, to visit beautiful places and to meet new people from all around the world.

His interest in spirituality, self-development, and consciousness aroused again when he discovered TMI. He did his first program the Excursion Workshop, and after reading Bob Monroe's books he decided to continue, and he participated and completed three more TMI courses.

He experienced for himself the benefits of Hemi-Sync® and he knew that it would be useful for others as well. Because there was no official accredited TMI trainer in Hungary, he decided to become one. As an Outreach Trainer, he wants to share the Excursion Workshop with others who are interested in exploring the consciousness, in discovering their true potential, in revealing their inner resource and in experiencing profound meditation and relaxation.

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