Jean McDoniels

outreach Trainer

Jean McDoniels is a certified Outreach Trainer for The Monroe Institute® (TMI) and a Local TMI Chapter Trainer in Ocala, Florida where she hosts monthly meetings for TMI graduates. She will travel to other locations for those wishing to schedule an Excursion Workshop in their local area.

Jean is a co-leader with Patty Ray Avalon’s EnergyBody Program and has assisted Patty Ray with many TMI weekend courses.

Jean founded Ocala Inner Center (also known as O.I.C. or Oh, I See) as a venue for others who seek a location where workshops and other metaphysical and consciousness studies can be conducted and explored.

Additionally, Jean is a certified Quantum Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, SunPoint Practitioner and an Instructor at The LifeLong Learning College in The Villages, FL.

She has attended many programs at TMI and will continue expanding and exploring with future programs.

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