Inner Universe

Length: 40 Minutes


Inner Universe

This exercise guides you on a profound journey inward to explore the vast inner reaches of expanded awareness. You will move beyond your sense of self and your individual identity to discover that you are, in fact, just one aspect of a much larger expansive awareness – a fundamental oneness that gives rise to all that is. Through this experience you will come to understand that at the deepest level of your awareness the universe is within you and not outside of you. You are the universe expressing and experiencing itself. This exercise also features our latest generation of Monroe Sound Science that uses 3D sound provided by Dolby Atmos to create a truly immersive sound experience and a highly effective means of reaching profound states of awareness.

Paul Citarella

Paul Citarella is the Chief Technology Officer of the Monroe Institute and is responsible for ensuring that technology is being used as effectively as possible to advance our mission. Paul's Monroe story began in his early twenties when he first read Bob's accounts of his out-of-body explorations. But it wasn't until about 10 years later, after rediscovering Bob’s trilogy, that he began his journey into consciousness with the Gateway Experience. Searching for a way to bring his professional and spiritual life together, he has been led back to the Monroe Institute, where his journey began.

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