Getting To Know Your True Nature

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Getting To Know Your True Nature

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Awakening need not be a lengthy journey filled with effort.  It can happen in an instant when the layers of conditioning are seen for what they are.

This fresh new release from Suzanne Giesemann is designed to help you recognize your True Self as an arising of one Self of Awareness. The experiences on these recordings were dictated by higher levels of Awareness, to be used as a wake-up call to the slumbering self-awareness within. As the channeled words and transformational healing music infused with Harmonies of Light by Jim Oliver — augmented by the Hemi-Sync® frequencies — arise in your awareness, relax and simply allow the underlying meaning of the words to sink into your awareness.

Contains two tracks: Track 1 is a means to de-condition the human thought-patterns of separation, replacing these with concepts the soul already knows. Listen as often as necessary as the layers of conditioning dissolve. Track 2 is a free-flow experience with a brief introduction to help you achieve the desired expanded state, resting in pure awareness during extended periods of silence.

Music custom composed by Jim Oliver is infused with Harmonies of Light, Jim’s one of a kind system that mathematically and harmonically coordinates the colors to the musical notes he plays on the keyboards.
Executive producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Kevin Cowan.

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